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International Shipment Details

International Shipment Details

When proceding with an order for international shiment you will be able to place your order at the checkout and leave your delivery details and any further requirements through our messaging service, at this point your order will be pending until we contact you back with a shipment amount. At this point you will be able to confirm and pay for your order with the shipment added.

Alternativly for all international shipments if your appropriate shiping location is not already registered please contact GVE directly either by phone on +44 (161) 872 0777 or by email at to arrange appropriate shipping terms and documentation. EU customers will be able to set up a 30 day account after first order is completed Pro-Forma. Customers outside the UK are expected to trade on a Pro-Forma basis indeffinatly or until a decision is made otherwise. 

Once an order has been placed and we have quoted for your international shipment if you feel you will be making repeat orders at your request we can enter your personal shipping details into the database so you can order directly through the website in future. Please note if there are any changed in your delivery details however you will need to make us aware before placing your order.