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Finder Pompe - Vacuum Pump Range

Finder Pompe - Vacuum Pumps Range


Here at GVE we are the UK vendor for Finder Pompe. FINDER is one of the European leading Companies in the design and manufacture of engineered pumps and systems for Oil & Gas and industrial applications which require heavy duty products and advanced technical solutions. The main products - centrifugal pumps, twin screw pumps, multiplex plunger pumps and vacuum pumps and systems - are sold worldwide to the major engineering companies and to end users which have a leading position in the fields of oil & gas, nuclear energy, petrochemical, power generation, desalination, chemical, pharmaceutical and food.

The wide variety of products and services offered and its capability of developing ad hoc solutions to meet customers' requirements, make it a precious partner for all those companies that require, for their existing plants or for the development of new ones, heterogeneous solutions and systems with a high technological level and "tailor - made" products based on the real application.

On the GVE website there is lots of information on all ranges of pumps available that will cover a wide range of applications so follow the links below to find out a little more about the different pumps on offer and links to schematics and technical data. However if you already know what it is your looking for either send us an email or contact us directly over the phone with your enquiery and we will be happy to help.

Industrial Vacuum - The Liquid Ring Pump

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