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GVE Gauges

McLeod TD II & GVG vacuum gauges

Calibration Services

Here at GVE we produce and calibrate in house two of our own analoge vacuum gauges, the McLeod TD 2 mercurial vacuum gauge and the GVG Capsule dial gauge. We can also source and supply any other form of vacuum gauge you may require so contact us with your enquieries.

For the TD2 and the GVG here at GVE we offer a complete service, repair and calibration service, gauges will be full inspected and a report forwarded to you regarding price of an additional spares needed. Please feel free to send us an email requesting a breakdown of spares and callibration costs along with a copy of the TD2 user manual or have a look through the spares available on our website.

TD2 McLeod Gauge

The TD 2 McLeod Gauge is a sample reading mecrury manometer which features an extremely robust design that can be free standing or wall mounted. With two seperate sampling caplillaries having different internal diameters, and therefore different compression ratios, a single gauge can cover the range 200 - 1 x 10-3 the gauge scales can be Pascal, Torr or Millibar. These gauges are generally used as a reference standard for calibrating other gauges as well as being a reliable system pressure instrument. It will accuratly measure the total pressure of non-condensable permanent gases (i.e. hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.) in a vacuum system, but will not correctly measure condensable vapours if present.

For new TD2 and TD2Spares follow the link.

GVG Capsule Gauge

The GVG Capsule Gauge features a large easily read 100mm dial, barometrically independant, with four instruments to cover the range. (0 - 1000 mbat +/- 2% Full Scale)

For new GVG gauges follow the link.