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High Pressure Blowers

Mechanical Boosters

In all fields where vacuum is required, from atmosphericpressure up to 1 x 10-3 mbar (dully combined). One of the most importand features of these pumps is their ECOLOGICAL nature, since they can be applied for pumping of water which pollutes the sewage and auxiliart pump fluids, of for the pumping of vapour which need to be recovered. They are Ideal for extremely short, large chamber, pumping cycles.

The roots type pumps have a wide range of applications in the field of vacuum. They are preferably used in combination with a previouse series of pumps (liquid ring pumps,rotary vein pumps, etc) and have a very extensive application in the field of low vacuum. If there is a suitable graduation between the primary pump and the variouse stages, high pumping capaity at very low vacuum can be achieved. The application of roots type pumps, forming a group with primary pumps, is extremely varied and extensive, being especially recommended where high pumping speed at low pressure are required. Although applications are wide and varied, they are mainly used to pump high volumes of gas, or to very quickly evacuate a chamber.

The Roots type pumps belong to the group os positive displacement pumps. Two symentrical pistons having an eight feature housing in the pump body, rotate in oposite directions with no contact between eachother nor with the pumps body, meshing continuously. The pistons are driven by a set of gears with synchronised rotation, which guarantees friction free movement. The Roots pumps drive shaft is directly driven by the motor shaft by means of an elastic coupling. The shaft passage is closed off be seals with an oil chamber, the oil being used as sealing fluid. A cooling chamber is included for the shaft passage to eliminate the heat produced by the seal. The seals are primarily made of Viton florinated elastmer.

The RBVB type is supplied with an AC three-Phase Motor and standardised flanged, n accordance with IEC standards.