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Consultation & Bespoke Design

Consultation & Bespoke Design

Here at GVE Limited we offer a consultation and bespoke design service for upgrading or fitting new vacuum installations to your desired specification. This rages from small mobile units designed to be easily movable around a facility, semi perminant units for easy manoverability around site or large permanant installs. We can offer guidence, quotations and designs for almost any of your liquid process and vacuum needs.

Ring Main Centralised Vacuum System

We can custom build and set build centralised vacuum systems to customer specification, for a veriety of applications. Such applications include, drying, heat treatement, surface science, surface coating, clean environment, evaporation, environmental simulation and many more from many industries. This type of pump set has advantages of being able to run many applications at the same time and save on space, whilst having lower capital costs than installing a seperate pump set for each seperate application.

Liquid Ring Pumping System

Below is a typical Liquid Ring Pumping Set complete with water re-circulation pumping system and heat exchanger. This type of pump set allows a small amount of storage water to be kept at the ideal operating temperature, and is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, or where contaminates are likely to enter the water circulation system, preventing discharge of the waste. Small two stage liquid ring pumps can be used to assist the piston pumps when handling large quantities of cendensable vapour. By reducing the discharge pressure of the piston pump, vapour condensation and oil contamination can be avoided.

Vacuum Pumping Groups Portable/Semi Permanent

Shown below is a portable set that was designed for worldwide use of the drying of gass pipelines. The unit mounted in a cage (certified for lifting) can be crane/hoist maneuver of forklift truck. We also have a selection of these unit available for hire in out hire section.