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MBG 9 Vacuum Rig

GVE Pipeline Vacuum Rigs,
Lead time:
6 weeks
Transportation price:
£ 125.00 (per day)
Functioning price:
£ 190.00 (per day)


                All the two stage vacuum pumping stations I have available are suitable for Off-Shore, being Zoned & suitable for overhead Crane Lift & F.L.T.

All stations are offered at the same rental (HIRE) charge irrespective of pumping speed.

                Units available:-

                5000 M3/HR

                4500 M3/HR

                3000 M3/HR

                2500 M3/HR

                1500 M3/HR

Cost 2013

                HIRE CHARGES/DAY/STATION:-

                TRAVEL (G.B.P.)                £125.00

                WORKING (G.B.P.)            £190.00

Spares will be sent with the hire pump, full inventory given. Charges made only on spares used.

Each Station is supplied with suction & discharge filters.

All units contain, Rotary Piston Backing pumps with Roots Mechanical Booster.


1.       Our vacuum units are supplied with suction hose and manifold included in the hire price. Units do not require discharge hose as they are set up, each unit is supplied with a discharge mist eliminator & deodorizer.

2.       Extra ancillaries can bearranged upon request.

3.       Vacuum instruments                   NO

4.       Dewpoint instruments                NO

5.       Trained vacuum operator           NO

We can offer in-house training for a member of staff for unit operation if required.      

6.       Vacuum Pump Spares                 YES         £3100.00, sale or return basis

For Clarity:-

1.       CE marked                                               YES

2.       ATEX NO, motors are standard       FLP

3.       All Rigs have individual DATA sheets which covers:-

a/ Motor power KW

b/ Performance curve

c/ Ultimate vacuum

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